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Meet Grace

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NLP & Feng Shui Practitioner 

Taking the UAE and neighboring Gulf communities by storm with the ability to transform people’s homes and lives  through re-arranging the living space for personal advancement using NLP techniques. I am an advocate for clarity & decision-making. I have spent several years identifying how to improve lifestyle in home design, architecture, and person-centered creativity.


Encouraging individuals to embrace their authentic selves, and helping them apply how to live in the present, and to prepare for the future using practices in conscious development within the space lived in. This is becoming a more common practice, especially now as individuals are taking up hybrid working careers.

My Vision

Discovering that balancing your home alongside your mind has a profound and positive impact on your overall well-being and decision-making framework.


This opens up the possibilities of advancing in your personal, social, and professional life. I then inspire individuals to reclaim their lives, walk in their purpose, and live confidently in their full authenticity.

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