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Transforming Lives, Elevating Spaces

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Either you are create a Home Sanctuary or gaining 
Leadership skills needed to become your Future Self.

     Your transformation journey starts here

Style Your
Well-Being Homes

Blend timeless Feng Shui wisdom with contemporary design for transformative home spaces

Flower Vase and Coral

Empower Your
Peace of Mind

Making decision based on your Future Self to lead and achieve personal growth with my NLP method

Work Desk

Hi, I’m Grace

Wellness Empowering Coach

I am an NLP Leadership & Executive Coach and Wellness Consultant. I empower you in connecting to your inner strength and peace so that it can shine through.


I employ life coaching, intuitive Feng Shui, and NLP to assist people all over the world in making life-altering, positive transformations. I embrace true authenticity when applied to personal space and mental ingenuity.


My methodology takes on the importance of balance in lifestyle and home transformation. Alongside this I advocate wellness, harmony, calm, tranquility whilst being safe within and outside your environment.

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